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Taylor-Somervaill Generations 7-9
Family Album
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Generation 7


41. Sarah Ann Wiggins married Duncan Hughes. He was born 1820 in North Carolina and died 1907 in Vidalia, Georgia. Sarah Ann was a Native American Princess. Duncan was a farmer.


Child of Duncan Hughes and Sarah Ann Wiggins is:

              i.      Josephine Ann(42) Hughes, Aug 13, 1852 in North Carolina


Generation 8


42. Josephine Ann Hughes married George Washington Taylor in Emanuel County, Georgia. He was the son of William Taylor and Mary, born 1850 and died Apr 21, 1897 in Vidalia, Georgia.


Children of George Washington Taylor and Josephine Ann Hughes are:

                         i.      William Duncan(43) Taylor, Oct 29, 1869 in Emanuel County, Georgia; died Apr 19, 1945 from a car accident

                             ii.      Mary Catherine Taylor, Apr 23, 1872

                           iii.      John Melvin Taylor Aug 17, 1874—was murdered

                           iv.      James Ezra Taylor, Jan 21, 1877

                             v.      Henry Thomas Taylor, Mar 20, 1879

                           vi.      Sara Emily Taylor, May 20, 1881

                          vii.      Josephine Ann Taylor, Dec 26, 1883

                       viii.      Hugh Taylor, Dec 26, 1886

                           ix.      Minnie C. Taylor, Oct 19, 1891

                             x.      George M. Taylor, Aug 10, 1895




42.  William Duncan Taylor first married Cynthia Harrell, daughter of Jackson Harrell and Cynthia Howell. She was born 1874 in Emanuel County, Georgia and died Apr 12, 1926 in Vidalia from Pneumonia. William married Lessie Morris Summerlin. She was born Oct 15, 1884.


Children of William Duncan Taylor and Cynthia Harrell are:

                         i.      Mansfield Irving(44) Taylor, May 10, 1893 in Vidalia, Georgia; died Feb 2, 1966 from a stroke

                       ii.      Elisha Taylor(8)

                     iii.      Rose Lee(45) Taylor, Feb 2, 1898 in Vidalia, Georgia; died Feb 23, 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida from a Heart Attack

                      iv.      Sara Ann(46) Taylor, Jun 18, 1900 in Vidalia, Georgia; died Nov 4, 1991 in Jacksonville, Florida

                        v.      William Jackson(47) Taylor, Apr 15, 1904; died Aug 6, 1992 from Parkinson Decease

                      vi.      James Harold(48) Taylor, Mar 23, 1909; died Nov 23, 1995 from skin cancer


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