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Smith Generation 6-7

Family Album
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Generation 6


10. Elisha Ferrell Taylor married Lunita Hall Jul 31, 1949 in Vidalia, Georgia, daughter of James Homer Hall and Bessie Alice Williams. She was born Oct 29, 1931 in Kite, Georgia.


            Ferrell was a farmer, school bus driver for both Vidalia City and Toombs County School Systems. He also owned an appliance store. Ferrell had Diabetes and suffered from Alzheimer’s Decease.


            Lunita worked at Sally D. Meadows Elementary School in the Lunchroom until retiring in the Spring of 1997.


Children of Elisha Ferrell Taylor and Lunita Hall are:

                         i.      James Elisha(21) Taylor, Jun 14, 1951 in Vidalia, Georgia

                       ii.      June Ann(22) Taylor, Jun 13, 1954 in Vidalia, Georgia

                     iii.      Mattie Alice(23) Taylor, Jul 22, 1956 in Vidalia, Georgia


11. Margaret Ann Taylor married Silas Odell Johnson. He was born Mar 12, 1922 in Emanuel County, Georgia.


Children of Silas Odell Johnson and Margaret Ann Taylor are:

                        i.      Lynn Nolia Johnson, Sept 20, 1955 in Macon, Georgia

                      ii.      Chris James(24) Johnson, May 12, 1961 in Macon, Georgia


12. James Homer Hall married Bessie Alice Williams, daughter of James Williams and Laura. She was born in 1910 in Johnson County, Georgia and died Oct 20, 2000 in Swainsboro, Georgia.


Children of James Homer Hall and Bessie Alice Williams are:

                          i.      Lunita(10) Hall, Oct 29, 1931

                        ii.      James(25) Hall, Mar 4, 1934

                      iii.      Martha Nell(26) Hall, Jun 10, 1937

                       iv.      Ann(27) Hall, Jun 25, 1940

                         v.      William David(28) Hall, Mar 28, 1944


13. Shelly M. Hall married Harley Arnold.


Children of Harley Arnold and Shelly Hall are:

                         i.      Martha Alice Arnold

                       ii.      Wayne Arnold


14. Adell Hall married George McDonald. He was born Feb 13, 1900 and died Feb 16, 1965.


Children of George McDonald and Adell Hall are:

                         i.      William H. McDonald, Oct 25, 1936. He married Valeta Harp

                       ii.      Martha McDonald, Nov 28, 1938. She married Everett J. Cowart Dec 13, 1958


15. Lola Hall married Remer J. Garrett. He was born Feb 10, 1910.


Child of Remer J. Garrett and Lola Hall is:

               i.      Robbie Garrett, Sept 7, 1946


16. George New Hall married Annie Mae Lamb.


Children of George New Hall and Annie Mae Lamb are:

                         i.      Betty Jane Hall

                      ii.      Alma Joyce Hall. She married Randall Durrah

                    iii.      George Niles Hall. He married Frances France Fayes


17. Willie T. Hall married Nannie Lou Sumner Aug 20, 1936. She was born Jan 14, 1916.


Children of Willie T. Hall and Nannie Lou Sumner are:

                         i.      Glenn(29) Hall, Jan 3, 1941

                       ii.      Janice(30) Hall, Sept 14, 1944


18. Joe Morris Hall married Bertha Mae Reece.


            Joe served in the Army during World War II and was a prisoner of war for 41 months.


Children of Joe Morris Hall and Bertha Mae Reece are:

                         i.      Joe Morris Hall, Jr.

                      ii.      Brenda Hall

                    iii.      Joann Hall. She married Melvin Copeland


19. Lurene Hall married Roy Flanders. He was born Apr 24, 1919.


Children of Roy Flanders and Lurene Hall are:

                        i.      Roy(31) Joe Flanders, Jun 27, 1943

                     ii.       Jack Flanders, Feb 25, 1948

                    iii.      Ted(32) Flanders, Nov 23, 1950


20. Muriel Hall married Comer C. Claxton.


Child of Comer C. Claxton and Muriel Hall is:

              i.      Edwin C.(33) Claxton


Generation 7


21. James Elisha Taylor married Wanda J. Gibson.


Children of James Elisha Taylor and Wanda J. Gibson are:

                         i.      James Ezra “Jimmy” Taylor, Dec 20, 1974

                       ii.      Eric Joseph Taylor, Feb 7, 1983


22. June Ann Taylor first married Kent Davis, son of Aaron Davis and Audrey Faye Nasworthy. She later married Larry Gene Smith, Dec 13, 1980, son of Harvey Smith and Ella Mae Brinson. He was born Dec 15, 1952 in Ft. Benning, Georgia.


Children of Larry Gene Smith and June Ann Taylor are:

                         i.      Joey Allen Smith, Mar 15, 1976

                   Joey is the child of June and Kent. Larry adopted Joey. He graduated in 1995 from Tattnall Square Academy in Macon, Georgia. He majored in Forestry at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.  Never finishing he went to Swainsboro Technical College and earned a diploma in Auto CAD. Soon After, Joey went to East Georgia College in Swainsboro, earning a degree in Auto CAD.

                                 ii.      Lori Gail Smith, Oct 29, 1983

                       Lori graduated from Toombs County High School in 2002. That summer she went to Southeastern Technical College in Vidalia and earned a diploma in Criminal Justice. After finishing there, she went to East Georgia College and majored in English. While there, Lori was the secretary in the East Georgia chapter of Georgia Association of College Republicans. In the summer of 2005, Lori returned to Southeastern Technical College for Computer Graphic Design. She has had poetry published and was top ten in the state of Georgia for 10, 11, 12 grade division. She was diagnosed with major depression on 2005.


23. Mattie Alice Taylor married Thomas Randall Colson in Vidalia. He was born Aug 10.


Children of Thomas Randall Colson and Mattie Alice Taylor are:

                         i.      Casey Lynn Colson, Jul 9, 1984

Casey graduated in 2002 from Bible Baptist Christian Academy in Statesboro, Georgia. She attended Trinity College in Jacksonville, Florida.

                        ii.      Jeremy Randall Colson, Apr 6, 1987

Jeremy graduated in 2005 from Bible Baptist Christian Academy where he played on the basketball team. He started at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro in the Fall of 2005.


24. Chris James Johnson married Lisa Lynn Kimberly. She was born Mar 6, 1964 in Macon, Georgia.


Children of Chris James Johnson and Lisa Lynn Kimberly are:

                         i.      Kristina Marie Johnson, May 2, 1991 in Macon, Georgia

                       ii.      Thomas Johnson

                     iii.      Nicholas Johnson


25. James Hall married Nadine. She was born Feb 13.


Child of James Hall and Nadine is:

               i.      Aaron Hall, Jul 6


26. Martha Nell Hall married James McGahee. 


Children of James McGahee and Martha Nell Hall are:

                          i.      Mark McGahee, Feb 12, 1963

                        ii.      Bessie Ann McGahee, May 18, 1964

                      iii.      Eddie McGahee, Apr 4


27. Ann Hall first married Curtis Wilkerson. She later married Jack Williamson.


Children of Curtis Wilkerson and Ann Hall are:

                         i.      Ricky Wilkerson, died about 1979

                       ii.      Randy Wilkerson, still born

                     iii.      Bryce Wilkerson


28. William David Hall married Pat Rape. She was born in Aug.


Child of William David Hall and Pat Rape is:

               i.      India Hall, Dec 26, 1982


29. Glenn Hall married Beverly Poyner.


Children of Glenn Hall and Beverly Poyner are:

                         i.      Allan Hall, Jun 17, 1963

                       ii.      Donnie Hall, May 31, 1965


30. Janice Hall first married Johnnie Hickman. She later married William J. Peter Jun 30, 1964.


Children of William J. Peter and Janice Hall are:

                         i.      Brain Peter

                       ii.      Becky Peter, Dec 10, 1965


31. Roy Joe Flanders married Sandra Morris. She was born Aug 25, 1952.


Child of Roy Joe Flanders and Sandra Morris is:

               i.      Robert Flanders, Oct 19, 1981


32. Ted Flanders married Roslyn Amerson.


Children of Ted Flanders and Roslyn Amerson are:

                         i.      Brain Flanders, Jan 6, 1976

                      ii.      Melissa Flanders, Nov 24, 1978


33. Child of Edwin C. Claxton is:

                          i.      Eric Claxton